Clippers Shave

A barber providing a shave with clippers is a method of shaving that uses electric clippers instead of a traditional straight edge razor. This technique is often used for men who prefer a shorter or more trimmed beard, or who have sensitive skin that may be irritated by a traditional shave.

To provide a shave with clippers, our barber will first prepare the skin by applying a warm towel to soften the facial hair and open up the pores. This helps to make the shaving process smoother and less irritating to the skin.

Once the skin is prepared, the barber will use clippers to trim the beard and mustache to the desired length. Clippers are a type of electric trimmer that have a set of sharp blades that move back and forth rapidly, cutting the hair in a quick and efficient manner.

The barber will then use the clippers to shape the beard and mustache carefully and skillfully, creating clean lines and a polished look. Clippers can be adjusted to different lengths, allowing the barber to customize the shave to the individual’s preferences.

After the shave is complete, the barber may apply a soothing aftershave lotion to help calm and protect the skin.

Overall, a shave with clippers is a quicker and more efficient method of shaving than a traditional straight edge razor. While it may not provide the same level of closeness as a traditional shave, it can be a great option for men who prefer a shorter or more trimmed beard or who have sensitive skin.