Hair Cutz

Our professional barbers provide hair cutting and styling services to our clients. When a client comes in for a haircut, the barber will typically begin by asking the client what type of haircut they would like. The client may show the barber a picture or describe the style they want.

Once our barbers understand the desired style, they will begin by combing the client’s hair and using scissors or clippers to trim the hair to the desired length. They may use different tools depending on the type of haircut and the client’s hair texture.

After the initial cut, the barber may use additional tools such as thinning shears or razors to blend and shape the hair. The barber will continue to check the hair as they work to ensure that the desired lengths and styles are being achieved.

Throughout the process, the barber may also ask the client for feedback to ensure that they are happy with the progress. Once the haircut is complete, the barber may use styling products or tools to create the desired look and give the client any final touches.

Overall, our barbers provide a personalized and professional haircutting experience that considers the client’s preferences and hair type to create a look that is both stylish and practical.